Tyrell Shy Memorial Collection

    Tyrell's wardrobe is characterised as Athleisure (athletic leisure wear), fine footwear, and late 1990s UK Garage partywear. It visually displays the era before he developed the degenerative condition and after, with his style aesthetic adapting for comfort hence the investment in athleisure.

    Key pieces from the collection include the Moschino 'Cats and Dogs' suit, numerous leather Gucci Loafers and the Jimmy Choo low top black suede embossed metal appliqué stars trainers.  Jimmy Choo has gifted 40 pairs of fabulous, feminine, and fierce shoes, the pièce de resistance being the 'Jassidy' embellished Swarovski crystal sandal.

    Tyrell had a strong sense of social justice and cared about his environment.  Gifting a wardrobe to a charity shop is a sustainable way to enjoy fashion, and re-using clothes is a wonderful way to use less for longer which is kinder to our planet and its finite resources. Salvage, repair, reheel, restitch, and recycle!

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